Please ....They Need Your Help!
Our beloved dogs are being killed daily for entertainment.

Dog Fighting is making a comeback in a big way in the U.S. It is estimated by some government sources that there are on average about 16,000 dogs killed each year in organized dog fights and that number continues to grow. The Federal Canine Sport Fighting Task Force reports that it is a growing problem in each and every state in the United States and fear that without the help of good citizens, the growth of the "sport" is not going to slow anytime soon.

Innocent dogs everywhere are being abducted and stolen and forced to fight

All over the U.S., in backyards everywhere, helpless dogs are being bred to fight and even die for entertainment. Unimaginably cruel dog fighters are even going to animal shelters to animals home and force them to fight against their own fighting dogs for training and to give them a taste for blood. Even worse than that, dogs are increasingly kidnapped from peoples yards to die in dog fights

"Stealing Pets for Bait" - National Geographic
Celebrities Involved in Dog Fighting - ESPN Sports News

With risks not outweighing rewards, some dog fighters are claiming its legal

More amazing than the fact that this brutal blood sport is not only increasing in popularity daily in our country, but it is occurring under various legal umbrellas to insulate organizers and dog owners from prosecution.

Organized dog fighting is now a disgusting, home based business.

To meet the rising demand for dog fights and capitalize in it's profitability, people are actually selling “get rich quick” schemes to promote and spread the illegal sport of dog fighting.

It is estimated that these people are responsible for 1000s of deaths each year.

Below is an exerpt from an article from a journalist attending a dog fight hosted by the above jerks.
"The crowd's roar dulled to a hum as the next two fighters appeared. The previous match had been short, as one contestant quickly outmatched his opponent, mauling him badly and tearing off an ear. But this final fight matched two highly respected and feared combatants. They eyed each other warily as their handlers finished corner preparations. Spectators came to the edge of their seats, and fathers lifted children to their shoulders for a better view as the judge stepped to the center, called the dogs to their scratch lines and yelled, "Let 'em go!" A cheer arose as the dogs charged across the pit and violently slammed into each other, teeth flashing as they sought a vulnerable target.

The dogs came apart once, when the brindle appeared to give up, and turned for a moment. They were returned to their scratch lines and held. Both dogs were breathing hard and bleeding. "Let 'em go," the judge called again. If the brindle failed to attack now, he would lose. But he was a game dog, and responded to an instinct bred into him over generations and nurtured through training. As the brindle charged across his line, his opponent's handler released him with the encouragement, "Finish him, Bo."

Tired and weakened by his wounds, the brindle was slow to meet Bo's ferocious attacks. Bo grabbed the brindle's right front leg in powerful jaws, bit and twisted. The "snap" of breaking bone was heard as the brindle was flipped onto his back, while Bo sought a better grip on his opponent’s throat. Remarkably, as the judge ordered the handlers to break the dogs, the brindle tried to crawl after Bo, still intent on fighting. His handler gently wrapped him in a blanket, saying, "No more, boy. It's over."- ASACP.ORG

Please help us save these animals!

Please try to help us stop this and protect these animals. They can't defend themselves and they need us. If we don't stop them from dying... who will? Continue here to learn more about the problem and find out what you can do to help.