Illegal Dog Fighting
The dog fighting problem
How to help stop dog fighting
Is saving a cute, innocent dog worth a few minutes of your time?
Give me 5 minutes of your time... and I'll have a chance at life.

Please save me

Read Below and Help Me

Step 1
Take a few minutes of your time to spread the word about and the cruelty they are responsible for.

Just copy and paste this e-mail below and mail it to everyone in your address book

E-Mail Friends to Spread the Word
Dear Friends

Please help us save these animals and stop organized dog fighting that this dispicable and deplorable site promotes -

These people are directly responsible for 1000s of dogs dying every year in ILLEGAL dog fightts and they claim its just a harmless sport.

Take 2 minutes of your time to help create awareness of this problem so we can put an end to it and shut these people down:

1) E-mail this horrible site to all your friends to create more awareness.

2) Add a link to on your site to create more awareness.

3) Contact every animal rights group you can to create more awareness

4) Post links to on any animal forum you can to create awareness.

Thanks Very Much!
The animals you save appreciate it!

Step 2
Below is a list of the internets largest dog and animal forums. Register an account and simply create a thread like "Please Help Us Stop"! Then be sure to post the link to so that everyone can see this site and what they are doing.
Spread the Word On Animal Forums to Reach 1000s of Eyes

Just click the links below to visit the site, register an username and start posting.
Big Dog Porch
Indulge Your
Dogs at
Next Day
I Love
Dog Chat/
Dogs 365 Forums/

Step 3
Contact bloggers and website owners that can write about
Contact and use other websites to spread the word.
Click below to see lists of 100's dog websites and blogs that can help create awareness and save these dogs.

What to do?

First: Find the owners contact page and send an e-mail to contact him or her directly asking them to write about this site and help us get them shut down.

Second: You can post the link to in the blogs comments section for articles that are posted. This will allow all readers of that site to see the link and follow it to the

Thank You For Helping Us

Just a few minutes a day of your time can be used to reach literaly 10's of 1000's of people who can help save these animals and stop this horrible, illegal cruelty that is masquerading as a "sport".

These animals deserve better and these people deserve to be in jail.

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